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Choice of dressing:
Balsamic vinegar | Caesar | Greek | Ranch | Blue cheese

  • Caesar Salad SM $9.45 || L $13.45

    Romaine hearts, croutons, bacon bits, Parmesan cheese and creamy Caesar dressing.

  • Greek Salad SM $9.45 || L $13.45

    Chopped lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, bell pepper, olives, cucumber, feta cheese and greek dressing

  • Garden Salad SM $8.95 || L $11.95

    Chopped lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, bell pepper, olives, cucumber, feta cheese and greek dressing

  • Steak & Shrimp Salad $17.95

    Steak, shrimp, mixed greens hazelnuts, tomatoes, red onions, avocado, gorgonzola cheese, balsamic dressing

  • Cobb Salad $15.95

    Grilled chicken, bacon, red onion, avocado, cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, boiled egg, mix cheese, with balsamic dressing.

  • Beet Salad $15.95

    Red pickled beet, pineapple, goat cheese, mixed greens, celery, hazelnuts, cucumber, balsamic glaze & olive oil.

Grilled Chicken 5.45, Grilled Shrimp 6.45 Bacon 2.45.
Salmon 8.95, Lobster 9.45

Cloud's Wings & Fries

  • 1 LB Wings $15.95
  • 2 LB Wings $27.95

  • 3 LB Wings $38.95
  • 5 LB Wings $59.95
  • Domestic Pitcher & 2 LB Wings $39.99


  • Calamari $13.45

    Breaded calamari, jalapeño, bell peppers with sweet chili sauce

  • Bruschetta $11.95

    Bruschetta mix, feta cheese and balsamic glaze

  • Garlic Bread $5.95

    Add-cheese $2.95, chicken $5.45, bacon $2.45

  • Quesadilla $14.95

    Chicken, jalapeno, mixed peppers, green onions, tomato, salsa mixed cheese served with sour cream & salsa Add on: Boof $4.95, Shrimp $6.95, Steak $8.95

  • Mussels $16.95

    PEI mussels, bacon, onion, bell pepper, tomato, scallions with the choice of Gorgonzola Cream sauce, marinara sauce or white wine sauce

  • Saganaki Cheese $13.95

    Traditional hard cheese served with naan

  • Cloud's Spicy Yarl Fries $10.95

    Crispy fries topped with fresh green chili, onion and spices smothered in a ranch

  • Cocunut Shrimp $13.95

    Fried coconut shrimp served with sweet chili sauce

  • Mozzarella Sticks $12.95

    Fried mozzarellas sticks served with marinara sauce

  • Boneless Wings & Firies $13.45

    Boneless chicken wings with choice of wing sauce

  • Potato Skins $10.45

    Bacon green onion and mixed cheese served with sour cream

  • Dry Ribs & Fries $14.95

    1lb dry ribs with your choice of wings sauce

  • Spinach Cheese DIP $14.45

    Served with nacho chips and pita

  • Shrimp Skewers $13.95

    Korean style chicken skewer served with mix green and Thai chili sauce

  • Fish Tacos $14.95

    Beer battered fish, coleslaw, feta cheese, salsa, lime wedge and dill sauce,and Mexican spices

Clouds BBQ

  • Full Rack Ribs $24.95

    Back ribs smothered in smoked BBQ Sauce Served with fries & coleslaw

  • Half Rack Ribs $17.95

    Back ribs smothered in smoked BBQ sauce served with coleslaw & fries

  • Ribs and Wings $23.95

    1/2 rack ribs smothered in smoked BBQ sauce 1lb wings with the choice of wing sauce served with coleslaw & fires

  • Jerk Chicken $14.95

    Caribbean seasoned Chicken served with rice & seasonal vegetables

  • BBQ Pork Tender $16.95

    Grilled scaloppini pork loins smothered in smoked BBQ sauce topped with mushroom gravy & truffle fries.


  • 10 OZ Steak $26.95

    Mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, with peppercorn & mushroom demi glaze

  • Sesame Salmon & Shrimp $25.95

    Sesame crusted Salmon, Grilled shrimp, Rice, Seasonal Vegetables topped with teriyaki glaze

  • Souvlaki Dinner Chicken $17.95 || Pork $16.95

    Greek salad,Greek potatoes,Greek rice, Tzatziki sauce

  • Cloud's Thai Special $14.95

    Choice of red or green Thai curry with coconut milk. sweet pepper, bamboo shoots, carrot, onions, Baby corn, Bok choy & broccoli served with rice.
    Chicken $18.95 Shrimp $18.05 Steak $21.95

  • Butter Chicken $19.95

    Boneless marinaded chicken served with rice, naan and pappadam

  • Lamb Shanks $22.95

    Slow cooked lamb shank served with garlic mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables topped with crispy onions

  • Seafood Bowl $25.95

    Salmon, Shrimp, Lobster tail, Scallop, Mussels, Calamari in spicy marinara & saffron broth served with garlic bread


    dusted chicken breast pan seared with mashroom white wine cream in masala wine served with mashed potato and vegetables garnished with scallions

  • Baseball Steak and Shrimp Scampi $26.95

    Seasonal vegetables, Mashed potatoes topped with roasted garlic demi-glaze

  • Stuffed Baked Salmon $23.95

    Fresh Atlantic salmon stuffed with roasted red peppers, spinach & goat cheese with linguine pasta & pesto cream sauce

  • OSSOBUCO $29.95

    Braised veal shanks with mashed potato and vegetables topped with red wine broth

Kids Menu

Under 12

Comes with meal, pop and a choice of dessert


  • Fish and Chips $14.95

    Battered haddock with fries, coleslaw and tartar sauce

  • Chicken FIngers $16.45

    Crispy chicken Fingers with fries and choice of sauce


  • Club House $15.95

    Classic triple decker sandwich with grilled chicken, bacon, tomato, lettuce, cheddar cheese, mayo with choice of bread served with fries & garden salad

  • Philly Cheese Steak $16.95

    AAA roast beef in gravy with mushrooms, bell peppers, sauteed onions, swiss cheese served with fries, garden salad

  • Spicy Chicken and Bacon $16.95

    Crispy chicken, bacon, buffalo ranch sauce, coleslaw pickles, garlic, aiolo, Brioche bun served with fries, and garden salad

  • Chicken Parmigiana $15.95

    Breaded chicken, tomato sauce, Swiss cheese, brioche bun served with fries & garden salad

  • Pulled pork Sandwich $15.95

    Slow cooked pork tenderloin topped with bacon, pickles, coleslaw & swiss cheese on a Vienna bread served with fries & garden salad


You Can Choose Different Sides

  • Onion Rings M $2.95 || L $8.95

  • Truffle Fries M $3.95 || L $8.95

  • Steam Vegs M $2.95 || L $6.95

  • Ceaser Salad $2.95

  • Greek Salad $2.95

  • Coleslaw $2.95

  • Tater Tots M $2.95 || L $7.95

  • Sweet Potato Fries M $2.95 || L $8.95

  • Cloud's Spicy Yarl Fries $3.95

  • Poutines $3.95

  • Fries $6.95

  • Mashed Potatoes $5.95

  • Waffle Fries $6.95

  • FRESH CUT FRIES M $1.45 || L $7.95


(Served with Garlic Bread)

  • Penne Ricardo Pasta $19.45

    Smoked chicken, bacon, tomatoes mushroom, parmesan cheese in red wine creamy sauce

  • Butternut Squash Ravioli $19.45

    Ravioli pasta with fried sage, roasted hazelnut smothered with melted brown butter and shredded real parmesan cheese drizzled with a 12-year age vincotto

  • Crab and Shrimp Macaroni $21.95

    Shrimp, crab, spinach, roasted red peppers with white wine cream sauce

  • Pesto Chicken Fettuccine $19.95

    Chicken, sun-dried tomato, roasted red peppers, red onion and pesto creamy sauce

  • Seafood Linguine $24.95

    Mussels, shrimp, calamari, scallop with marinara sauce

  • Chicken & Shrimp Penne $21.95

    Chicken, shrimp, mushroom, bacon, with spicy tomato sauce

  • Fettuccine Primavera $16.95

    Mushroom, sun-dried tomato, bell pepper, broccoli, spinach, with marinara sauce

  • Seafood Risotto $22.95

    Black tiger shrimp, calamaria, mussels, salmon cooked insaffron rose sause topped with green onion parmassan cheese.

  • Lobster and Shrimp Linguine $26.95

    Lobster tail, Black tiger shrimp mixed with roasted peppers and spinach served in spicy tomato sauce


    Breaded fried chicken breast tossed in a tomato sauce melted with swiss cheese. Served with linguine alfredo sauce


  • Classic Burger $14.95

    Beef burger patty with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and mayo served with fries, garden salad

  • Maxican Hamburger $16.95

    Beef burger patty with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, crispy bacon, fried jalapeño, Swiss cheese, salsa sauce served with fries, garden salad

  • Beyond Meat Hamburger $13.95

    Beyond meat plant-based burger patty with lettuce, tomato onion, pickle, guacamole, roasted red pepper, cheddar cheese served with fries and garden salad

  • Cloud's Special Burger $19.95

    Double meat burger, lettuce, tomato, onion pickle, bacon, jalapeños, Swiss cheese, cheddar served with fries, garden salad


  • Regular Poutine $11.95

    Fresh cut fries topped with fresh cheese curds and smothered in home made grav

  • Butter Chicken Poutine $15.95

    Fresh cut fries topped with fresh cheese curds smothered in butter chicken & sauce

  • Pulled Pork Poutine $14.95

    Fresh cut fries topped with cheese curds, slow cooked pulled pork, homemade gravy & scallions


  • Buffalo Chicken Wrap $14.95

    Breaded chicken, mixed cheese. lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, buffalo sauce, ranch sauce served with fries, and garden salad

  • Cloud's Chicken Wrap $14.95

    Grilled chicken, sautéed pepper, onion and mixed green, topped with cheese, tomato, avocado, served with fries, garden salad & sour cream dip

  • Garden Wrap $14.95

    Bell pepper, mixed green, tomato, goat cheese, Avocado ,mushrooms roasted garlic ,red onions bell peppers, mixed greens,
    tomatoes and goat cheese served with fries, and garden salad

  • Souvlaki Wrap $15.95

    Lettuce, tomato, onion, olives, tzatziki, with grilled chicked or pork wrapped in tortilla served with fries and garden salad


  • Skillet Steak $22.95

    Served with mushroom peppercorn sauce topped with scallions & crispy onions (10oz)

  • Cloud's Platter $38.95

    Coconut shrimp, calamari, chicken fingers, choice of wings, chicken souvlaki, carrots & celery stick

  • Cloud's Veggie Platter $30.95

    Cheese garlic bread, potato skins, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, deep fried pickles, carrots and celery

  • Cloud's Mixed Platter $34.95

    Choice of 3 items from Cloud’s platter and choice of 2 items from Cloud’s vegetarian platter

  • Classic Nachos $14.95

    Tortilla Chips covered with mix cheese Jalapeños, tomatoes, green onions, served with salsa and sour cream Extra cheese 3.95

  • Irish Nachos $16.95

    Waffle fries, mixed cheese, bacon, green onion and sour cream
    chicken 5.45, beef 4.95, steak 8.95

  • Fajitas $18.95

    Hot plate loaded with bell peppers, Onion and your choice of meat, steak, chicken or shrimp. Served with chopped lettuce, Tomato, mix cheese, Salsa & sour cream


  • Classic Cheesecake $7.95

    Choice of topping strawberry or chocolate sauce

  • Ice Cream $5.45

    Chocolate or vanilla or strawberry topped with chocolate or caramel sauce

  • Red Velvet Cake $7.95

    Red velvet cake topped with strawberry or caramel

  • Chocolate Fudge Brownie $8.95

    Topped with choice of ice cream vanilla or chocolate

Add on

  • Chicken $5.45

  • Shrimp $6.95

  • Pulled Pork $4.95

  • Bacon $1.95

  • Salmon $8.95

  • Smoked Chicken $5.45

  • Add Cheese $2.95

  • Lobster Tail $9.95

  • Steak $8.95

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